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WCTU has always had a designated time of prayer - "Noontide Prayer." As noon comes around the world, members lift their prayers to God. This means that there is a continuous circle of prayer at all times. We also have a prayer chain network so that many people can be mobilised to pray or praise the Lord in specific situations.

Please support the following with your prayers:

Website Prayer Requests:

If you have a prayer request that you would like prayer for, please submit your request by clicking on the praying hands below and filling out the form. Requests will be listed anonymously (unless permission for names is given) on this website for one month. We can also notify our prayer warriors to intercede on your behalf.

When you have seen God answer that prayer, then please let us know in the same way.

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WCTU Prayer Requests:

Continue to pray:

WCTU Australia

  • Pray that we will be able to attract more younger and middle-aged women as active members.
  • Pray for more outreach opportunities with Little White Ribboners, children and young people.
  • Pray for wisdom, health, energy and vision for our State and National WCTU leaders.
  • Pray for National Officers as they teleconference at the end of February and make plans for the National Convention in Newcastle in October.
  • Pray for our Governments, that they will face up to the problems caused by alcohol and other drugs and be courageous to pass effective legislation to reduce consumption.